Habilitation Consultation

What is Habilitation Consultation?

Habilitation Consultation is a focused, consultative service that involves the completion of an assessment and the development of an intervention plan. The assessment and intervention plans are completed and implemented by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). The plan identifies strategies to strengthen the skills of the member and his or her family or caregivers. The goal of Habilitation Consultation is to assist the member to remain in his or her home or the home of their family or caregivers, and to participate in the community activities by providing a variety of behavioral interventions.

How do I know if Habilitation Consultation is right for my child or loved one?

Habilitation Consultation should be requested when regular hourly habilitation may not be effective without the guidance and training from a BCBA. This may be due to the nature or intensity of the member’s challenging behaviors. 

Where can Habilitation Consultation be implemented? 

Habilitation Consultation services can occur in a member’s home or in the community. 

How do I qualify for Habilitation Consultation?

To qualify for Habilitation Consultation, members must: 

Who can receive Habilitation Consultation?

Habilitation Consultation can be provided to an individual of any age, and is applicable to any DDD eligible diagnosis.

How do you receive Habilitation Consultation services?

To qualify, simply ask your DDD Support Coordinator. 

What other documentation is required?

Families are not required to fill out additional paperwork to request Habilitation Consultation, though supporting documentation may be requested if applicable. This may include a school IEP, prior assessments, and other. Authorizations are valid for six months, and extensions can be requested if the service continues to be medically necessary. 

An assessment is required for new members, unless they are graduating from the Early Childhood Autism (ECA) Specialized Habilitation program with a current evaluation.

For additional information on this service, please contact your DDD support coordinator or email us at services@abaConsultingGroup.org to request additional information.